Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yeah !

I have to introduce myself too !! :P

Hello! My name is Carlos (but you can call me chensio)! I live in Mallorca, Spain,Im 21, and I am studying Graphic Design and multimedia (these days are the final exams, so thats why I am so busy...)and if I had luck...this is my last year. Im working too, in a design and packaging company called GrupoBdeB.

I love to draw since I was a kid. And after art, music is my life, specially non-comercial music, I love it !! I listen hours and hours of music everyday.I have a band with a friend called Twin Paradox. Also I have a little little home studio recording called Super Strings Records.

Aaand I hate writing! jejej so, that's all folks !


PD: sorry for my english...:P
PD2: I really dont smoke! XD

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Nan said...

"PD2: I really dont smoke! XD"

Ha, we were going to have to give you a hard time about that, but now you're off the hook. Tee hee.