Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Introduction - Amy

My name's Amy Mebberson and I'm a cartoonist. I'm so sorry.
I was born and bred in Sydney, Australia and I now live in Portland, OR with my husband. I was a Senior inbetweener and Assistant Animator with Disneytoons' Sydney studio until we were closed down in mid 2006 as part of the great 2D purge. I moved to the US and did two graphic novels for Tokyopop called 'Divalicious!'. After some occasional guest-art for Tokyopop and a lot of project dead ends, I now work as a freelance Assistant Animator with LAIKA studios in Portland and produce my webcomic Thorn. I'm an old-school cartoonist with a passion for mid-century stuff and love making people laugh. I have had no formal art training and would like to be either a syndicated comic strip cartoonist or work on Feature Animated films. Relaunching one of the great 80's girl cartoons in comic form would be great, too, if I can get the licensing.

Like any true Aussie, just keep the beer coming and I'm a happy woman.

It feels a little intimidating signing up with such good 'serious' moly artists, but if no one minds an explosion of cartoony stuff in the middle of their books, then hopefully we can all get along :)


Nan said...

I'd love an explosion of toony stuff—lookiin' forward to it even. Nan

Ste Pickford said...

Love the webcomic.

I always wished I could do something like this, but I come up with ideas for strips about once every two years.