Sunday, September 7, 2008


I'll introduce myself too :)

My name is Yoda and now I'm working on my thesis wich it will be about children book illustrators, after that I'm thinking about a master's but still don't know. I studied Visual Arts and my area is engraving. I live with my two cats and my sister Lluvia (Rain). For a short period I studied filmmaking but was very expensive so I had to quit :( I hope someday I'll continue my studies, in the mean time I'm working on some animations. My passion are movies, sometimes I find that I can't say all I want to by just drawing things. I also love music and books. I have 8 tattooes, 6 of them where my own desing and there will be more to come. I'm 27 years old (my birthday is on november 5th). I hate Xmas and love Halloween.

I been using moleskine for a year now and yes, it is very addictive ;)

I live right here

I'm so happy to work with all you. This will be a great adventure :))



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Nan said...

"This will be a great adventure"

Indeed it will. Nice to meet you!