Friday, September 5, 2008

OK, I'll introduce myself too.

My name's Ste Pickford, and I'm a video game developer from the UK.

I'm completely new to this moleskine exchange thing. I only discovered flickr a few days ago, after looking for somewhere better to upload a bunch of sketches I did on holiday. Previously I'd uploaded sketches to facebook, but that seems limited to only other facebook users / people in your friendlist, and I wanted somewhere I could make them visible to anyone. At first I thought I might get kicked off flickr because I was using it for sketches rather than photos, but I was delighted to discover that there are seemingly millions of other people around the world sharing their sketchbooks.

I've been hooked ever since, and now I have a good root around in complete strangers' sketchbooks every morning.

I've also started on a mad old sketchbook scanning binge, which I'll upload over the next few weeks. I'm most looking forward to seeing all my random doodles from different sources over the years arranged in chronological order once they're all in the system. I wonder if I'll see any progression, or just repetition?

I've been making video games for over 20 years. About four years back I left the mainstream games business and went 'indie' with my brother, and now I work from home, self publishing my own games at

I've been employed as an artist or designer most of my adult life, but most of my 'artistic' work is computer based, and fairly technical (a lot of 3D stuff these days), and in between there's a lot of documentation and scripting and other non-arty things, so it's actually fairly rare that I get to do any proper drawing for work.

I've decided that I don't do nearly enough drawing, other than little doodles and scribbles in my work notes (which often get cut and pasted into my sketchbooks), so this year I've set out to draw and sketch much more, before any talent I have evaporates completely.

I'm a bit nervous about spoiling other people's beautiful sketchbooks, but looking forward to it all the same.

I also draw comic strips now and again, in my spare time.

Oh, I've got a blog on my website, which I occasionally update:

And you can see my last game here:


Anna Denise said...

Awesome, Ste! :-) I'm sure your drawing will not spoil anything - from what I've seen on Flickr you are very very talented!

Thanks for joining and introducing yourself!

Lynne said...

Hi..the thrill of these books is that we get to see so many styles...I am looking forward to getting your book first :-)

Lady Orlando said...

I'm always afraid to spoil molys too so not to worry.

Is nice to know that you want to keep on drawing because if you don't start to do it again you will loose the ability.

Nan said...

"I've also started on a mad old sketchbook scanning binge, which I'll upload over the next few weeks."

I'm really enjoying the results of this binge!