Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Map of Westport

Well I finally decided to do a map of Westport, Massachusetts, one of the places I grew up and always in my heart. I annotated it with historical facts, both of the town and a few of my own life. I took a few liberties with scale, and removed a couple ponds that I didn't really have room for, but you get the idea anyway. A few additional details added after this photo was taken. Watercolor and marker.

Nan's Moly42 - Maps

Nan's Moly42  - full view map

Off to Ste tomorrow.


Nan said...

I LOVE it! Thanks Jenn!

"My first kiss"....Aww. that's sweet. :-D

AzureGrackle said...

Mailed off to Ste today.

Anna Denise said...

This is amaizing!