Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lynne's moly !

Hey ! here I go again !

My apologises for that long long time out...

Thats my not ever step on the sewers! ahaha its ridiculous, but its true !

Hope you like it Lynne, and ... sorry again ! Now is going to Kathleen !

Cheers !


tanaudel said...

That looks awesome - so much depth and movement!

Lynne said...

never step on sewers you never know what is going to reach out and grab you ! lol

Thank you, they are great pages :-)

Lady Orlando said...

Interesting superstition, but I also never do that ;)

Amy said...

Chensio, I have your book right now, and I'm a little confused.
What exactly is the theme of your book, again? The existing entries don't give much clue and you haven't written anywhere what it is ^^;