Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AnnaDenise's entry in Nan's Moly

Hi all,

Finally finished up my entry in Nan's 'maps' Moly!
I really enjoyed working on this one. Unlike some of the other, gorgeous, maps in the book, mine isn't very realistic. I started out thinking about 'mapping' my way around the Internet. But then I remembered my love for drawing fictional villages and maps when I was younger. I would dream up entire worlds. I hope my enjoyment shows.

Love, AnnaDenise


Lynne said...

Oh, these pages are such fun.....i really think your enjoyment does show ;-)

Nan said...

Anna, I love this! I want to live in the castle in Flickr! :-D

This looks like a happy world—all that sunshine. I'm glad you had the opportunity to recapture your childhood with this one.

Thank you!

Pavel Jakubec said...