Monday, August 30, 2010

Wrap Up?

Since there hasn't been any activity here since February, I'm guessing it's a wrap?

In which case, Chensio please send my Moleskine back to me. I think you still have it..I hope so.

Thanks, Nan


Anna Denise said...


Sorry for the lack of updates on my part! I finished Katleen's moly last week, but my scanner is broken so I wanted to wait until I could post some pictures before sending it on. Sorry for taking so long. It's been a very intense couple of months here.

Are there other books coming my way still?

Love, Anna Denise

Lynne said...

I have had my book back...Ste was too busy to work in it so I guess I am finished..... I posted chensio's book back to him months ago so I have no books with me....

tanaudel said...

I have no books either - would be happy to continue if people wanted to, but otherwise happy to have mine sent home.

elvia montemayor said...

I haven't had a book in a long time. I will like to keep doing the ones that I am missing, but if everyone is calling it quits please let me know. who has my book so you can send it back and email you my address? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I got my book back in February or March and I haven't seen any since.