Friday, October 16, 2009

Lynne's Ladybug

Ladybug, ladybug,
fly away home,
your house is on fire
your children all roam.

Ladybug, ladybug,
fly away home,
and show me from whence
my husband shall come.

This ladybug will be winging its way east to Massachusetts tomorrow. :-)


AzureGrackle said...

This is great! I can't wait to get and add to it. (Remind me what Lynne's theme is?)

Nan said...

WOW! That was fast :-D

Her theme is "superstitions". That's why I had to add on a second stanza—needed to get it into the realm of superstition. I suppose it's a bit of an old wife's tale, but close enough :-) I hope....

Your Moly is up next...I just have to pick an animal. I like quite a few of them. I'll try to hurry up with it since I'm sure you're anxiously awaiting its return to you! How fun!

AzureGrackle said...

Take your time, and use as much room is left if you want.

Superstitions.... hmmmmm.... I'll have to work on that one.

Lynne said...

ahhh yes...I still say 'ladybird ladybird fly away home" as I flick them out doors........perfect :-) thank you :-))

tanaudel said...

I've never heard the second verse! Lovely :)