Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Memories

Every summer I spent a week at a cottage in Door County, Wisconsin. The cottages belonged to my stepmom's mom, and I believe, her mom's mom too. My dad and stepmom asked me to take a series of photos that her mom had taken and taped together, and scan them and electronically recreate the scene. Ultimately I had several copies printed on a single poster sized sheet so that dad could frame them for Connie's kids. The cottages are being sold, and she wants them to have a little piece of the good old days.

The photos blended pretty well, and the project brought back some fun memories of summers past when I wasn't bogged down with work and responsibilities. The highlight of the vacation was the night we'd build a bonfire on the beach, roast marshmallows, and stare at the sky waiting to see shooting stars (or satellites if that was the best we could do).

And a side effect of the project is that I have a terrific craving for s'mores now, so I think I'll have to pick up the ingredients for the BBQ this weekend.

My apologies, Chensio, that this took so long, but I promise it will be in the mail tomorrow.

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