Monday, May 25, 2009

Lynne's Moly - Superstition: Wishes

42nd Moleskine Exchange: Lynne's moly

My contribution to Lynne's moleskine for the 42nd moleskine exchange. This is a combination of "be careful what you wish for" and "don't tell people what you wish for or it won't happen" and the fairytale of the 7 ravens.

I kind of wish the centre face wasn't, well, at the centre but I can't help what I look like :) It's done, at any rate, and my desk is cleared for the next batch.

Brush and sepia ink and a touch of watercolour.


Lynne said...

Thats really great! Its one of my personal superstitions too..... :-))

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like it :)

I've posted it (and the previous book - again) to Elvia now.