Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's in Amy's Bag

Here is my entry for Anna Denise's.

I do have keys, they're just kept in my jacket pocket ;)
I still have absolutely no idea what to do in Kathleen's. I mean really, I look at it and my mind goes absolutely blank :/


tanaudel said...

Cool - I love the touch of colour!

And don't stress about mine - you don't have to invent a game :) You can just use one you love or hate or think really unlikely, or create a hybrid of two (like Scrabble-Charades or Twister-Rubix cube). And you don't need to show the whole game or work out all the rules - a glimpse of it might be enough!

tanaudel said...

Or, you know, a really impossible stage in a game of cat's cradle (say, the strings forming rodin's thinker).

Lynne said...

great the survival kit :-)